FEMICIDAL CONTINUUM is a work that consists of six panels drawn with color pencil on Fabriano paper, these panels are placed at the back of a space covered with red tainted gravel, in which it becomes more and more difficult to circulate through expressly made, white gravel paths that narrow as the spectator advances towards the drawing.

This project was born after the femicide of Debanhi Escobar, which took place in Ciudad General Escobedo, Nuevo León, Mexico on April 2022, the arbitrariness of this horrible act, pushed me to start a drawing that slowly expanded through the idea of representing the indulgency towards rape, sexual aggressions and femicides demonstrated in my country's justice system and societies reaction upon these crimes.

The drawing developed as a flower whose petals have the shape of drops in different tones of red and Pink, as it grew, and following the rhythm of its growth, my research led me to more and more information on the iniquity that persists in Mexico and the world towards the murders of women for the simple fact of being women, this facts imposed on me the necessity of denouncing the indifference towards this everyday, massive violence that ails and concerns us all.

Around ten months after I started drawing, I came upon an interview of Christelle Taraud, whom directed the publication of the Monumental work “Feminicides: Une histoire Mondiale” Editions La Decouverte (Non Translated), this took me to further questioning myself about the way of unraveling the drawing into representing the passage of time as well as the magnitude of the massacre through a bigger scale installation that covers and reflects the past, the present and the more than tragic continuity in the future of these crimes if we do not act up and deconstruct the mechanisms that generate them.

Ximena Alarcón
November 2023

Previously exhibited at:

Casa Mérida Contemporary, CDMX. 2024