Masacres urbanas (“Urban Massacres”) is an installation that works, metaphorically, on the discarded bodies
of plants in a symbolic cross between forensic-register vocabulary and other imaginaria of death. Based on
a series of plants found in her wanderings throughout the city, the artist takes in the role of a gatherer and
salvager of said bodies in order to give them, finally, a possibility for recovery or a space of recognition. Thus,
it invites us to think beyond the hegemonic human body itself and to examine the elements as arrayed
throughout the space so as to experience new emotional possibilities and bonds of empathy with the other
life forms that share our world.

Previously exhibited at:

Alliance Française of Miraflores, Peru. 2019
British-Peruvian Cultural Institute, San Juan de Lurigancho. Peru. 2019

Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. NO ID Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 7 Dypsis LutescensBotanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 7 Bis Yucca Elephantipes Botanical-Forensic File Ref. 17 Livistona AltísimaBotanical-Forensic File Ref. 18 Plumeria RubraBotanical-Forensic File Ref. 15 Echinopsis Pachanoi Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 11 Latania Lontaroides Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref.9 Phoenix Dactilyfera / Roebellenii Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 8b Yucca Capensis or Elephantipes Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 4 Aloe VeraBotanical-Forensic File Ref.3b Milky EuphorbiaBotanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 3A Phyllostachis Area/BambusaBotanical-Forensic File Ref.2 Phoenix Dactilyfera Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 13 and 13b Chlorophytum ComosumBotanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 12 Dypsis Lutescens Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 10 Chamaerops Humilis or Latania Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 5 Yucca Elephantipes Botanical-Forensic Sheet Ref. 1 Cereus Peruvianus URBAN MASSACRES French Alliance of Miraflores Lima, Peru CURATED TEXT by Carlos Zevallos TrigosoRegistration of Collection Places and Classification of PlantsURBAN MASSACRESUrban Massacres Poetry by Melissa Ghezzi Solís URBAN MASSACRES Poetry Joseph Holcha URBAN MASSACRES Installation URBAN MASSACRES British-Peruvian Cultural Institute San Juan de LuriURBAN MASSACRES Curated Text by Carlos Zevallos Trigoso Botanical-Forensic SheetsURBAN MASSACRES Artist StatementURBAN MASSACRESURBAN MASSACRES Poetry by Melissa Ghezzi Solis