Time enters this exhibition as an idea that is divided into two
subcategories: the obvious time that compromises the duration of it
spent physically in the patio and the internal time spent observing
and listening.
Although time remains the same, contemporary life in our modern
societies goes faster. We have created speed in order to compress
life inside the urban environment.
By observing our urban context and rush-hour, one realizes how in
mental form motion is equal to time. A passing person is a parabolic
symbol for passing time.
The steadiness and the immobility of Ximena Alarcóns sculptures is
altered by the motion that is depicted by the wandering of the viewer
himself. Through the observation of the works from different
perspectives their complexity and simplicity can be perceived,
opening up to multiple possibilities to understand the space. Once
an unexpected object is present, the surroundings become more
Physical, spacial, temporal, rather than a pure inward act, with
“PATIO ESCULTURICO I” the artist Ximena Alarcón invites you to
stillness and motion embracing its existence
with a simple tea.