"21st Century Cowboy" by Ariel Ramchandani for Intelligent Life Magazine

Nestled between the San Juan Range to the east and the Sangre De Christo Mountains to the west lies The Blue Range Ranch and the Whitten family. George Whitten is the original cowboy, born and raised on this land, and Julie's a hippie from California. Once they married George went organic. Holistic land management and humane treatment of their animals are at the forefront of their story. So are the burdens of climate change and drought, and the challenges facing a small, family owned, grass-fed ranch competing with the larger super-ranches.

Drew, a 24 year old California boy from the Bay Area, had been an apprentice with the Whitten Ranch for eight months when we met him. He has a rugged boyish charm and a passion for philosophy and literature, a recent college graduate he preferred to work with his hands and began an apprentice program to learn farming and ranching. He hopes to one day open his own ranch.


To read Ariel Ramchandani's story see the July/August issue of Intelligent Life